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Advertising & Lead Generation Products

Our standard marketing, branding and lead generation products are listed below. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs — we are happy to construct a customized package to fit your campaign goals.

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Banner & Text Advertising

All ad sales, aside from text ads are for CPM* purchases. See below for definitions, conditions and payment methods.

Web Ad - 728x90 Site-wide. Top of page. $65 CPM
Web Ad - 300x250 Site-wide. First position, inline with main content. $65 CPM
Web Ad - 300x600 Article and events pages. Right column. Above fold + fixed position. $65 CPM

* CPM stands for "cost per thousand impressions." For example, to have your ad appear 100,000 times at a CPM of US$ 65 the price would be US$ 6,500 (100,000 impressions / 1000 x $65 = $6500).

White Paper & eBook Promotions

We have several ways to help promote your content assets (Note: we can also help you create them).

Banners +Text Links Use our proprietary targeting approach to drive traffic into your campaign landing page. This program combines web banners and web text links. You run the landing page and we drive targeted traffic. Pricing is a blend of CPM and CPC. $5000 minimum
Multi-channel Asset Promotion We promote your event across all of the CMSWire channels using a mix of approximately 15 different actions. Pricing is flat rate per campaign. Please contact your sales rep to discuss the details. $9500 minimum
Lead Generation (CPL) Please see below for details on content syndication and lead generation.
Custom Package We can mix elements to fit your needs. Contact your sales rep to discuss this option. Inquire

Webinar & Event Promotions

We have several ways to help promote your webinars, conferences, roadshows and seminars.

Featured Event Listing Event listed in the events calendar, included in weekly event planner article, included in events RSS feed. One social media announcement via Twitter. $2500 per week
Multi-channel Event Promotion We promote your event across all of the CMSWire channels. Please contact your sales rep to discuss this option. $9500 minimum
Custom Package We can mix elements to fit your needs. Contact your sales rep to discuss this option. Inquire

Custom Webinar Development & Exclusive Sponsorship

Demonstrate thought leadership while building community and generating inbound leads. CMSWire runs an ongoing webinar program featuring analysts and thought leaders that speak on one of the current hot topics. You can be the exclusive sponsor of one or more of these events -- engage with our audience and play a key role in the webinar event.

We handle all of the event management, delivery (using WebEx), moderation and promotion. You work with us on promotional creative, primarily to ensure branding consistency, and participate in the event as the exclusive sponsor and topic contributor.

Contact us to discuss the benefits and pricing of this program.

Pricing: Contact your sales rep to discuss.

Basic Lead Generation (Content Syndication)

Our flexible lead generation programs feature customized landing pages within the website that provide a low friction means of driving registrations and downloads.

We will work with you to select or develop a few white papers, reports, webcasts or similar assets and then promote these to our audience across our touch points — including web, email, social and mobile. All our programs include A/B testing of content assets so that you can test how the individual assets are mapping into your sales funnel, and then work with us to optimize your campaign. Please keep in mind that this testing can take 60-120 days to achieve reasonable confidence levels.

Note: Our basic lead generation pricing includes competitor filtering, but does not include "existing customer" filtering.

Pricing: $50 per lead, $9000 minimum per campaign (billed monthly based on performance)


Premium Lead Generation

Our premium lead generation programs aim to connect you with customers that are further along the buyer journey, thereby offloading work from your busy marketing team and directly connecting you with "marketing qualified" leads that are actionable and demographically targeted.

Premium lead gen programs are customized for each customer. We will work with you to define the signals and nurture pathways that map to your specific customer profiles, then test two parallel programs and create a feedback loop between our respective teams that ensures the success of the program. Please contact us to discuss the details.

Pricing: Contact your sales rep to discuss.


Featured Product Microsites

Feature your product in front of the influential CMSWire audience. This program includes a custom microsite embedded inside of the the website. Here you can introduce your latest product or service offerings to our audience in a low-friction manner, and you can include direct contact forms, video footage, etc. Contact us to discuss your ideas.

Pricing: Contact your sales rep to discuss.

Conditions of Sale

  • All amounts are in U.S. dollars
  • Minimum contract amount: $5500
  • All payments are due in advance unless otherwise agreed.
  • Payments accepted via company check or bank transfer (read more)
  • All sales are final

Payment Methods and Terms

Please see the payment section for details on payment methods and terms.

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