Media Kit


Ad Specifications

Our digital marketing clients can express their messages via a number of standard Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) ad units. Please review the options on this page and always feel free to discuss your ideas with us. Be sure to keep in mind that our readers aren’t just looking for a great enterprise product; they like a little personality too.

Note that composite packages combining multiple channels and placements often yield higher response rates than the sum of their parts. Please also keep in mind that we strongly encourage A/B testing of creatives.

Ad Units

728x90 Leaderboard Banner

We offer one IAB 728x90 ad slot. It runs site-wide and is located at the top of the page.

300x250 Large Rectangle Banner

We offer two IAB 300x250 ad slots. The first one is mid-page in the content flow. The second one runs in different positions depending on the context, but it is also nearly always in the primary content flow.

300x600 Vertical Half-Page Rectangle Banner

We offer one 300x600 ad slot. This runs in the right column of articles, events and other pages and has one of the highest CTRs on the site. Your message is displayed with clarity and kept visible for the whole experience.


Email Specifications

We offer our clients the ability to send useful, respectful emails to our community on a limited basis.

Please follow this guidance when designing emails:


Takeover Branding Specifications

Take over branding allows clients to create a supporting background image that works together with standard banner ads to create a strong impact and drive higher than normal CTRs.

Please follow this guidance for your take over campaign:


Microsite Specifications

Microsites are part of our Premium Directory Listing + Microsite packages. This product includes a single page microsite that is wrapped in the CMSWire branding.

Please follow this guidance for microsite production:


Event or Whitepaper Promotions

If you are promoting a physical event, webinar or white paper please contact us to discuss our multi-channel promotion campaigns. These promotions include a mixture of email, featured event or research listings, social media exposure, web-based banners and text links, and other means of making the CMSWire community aware of your offering.

Production Specifications

Ad Media Formats

We accept Image (png, gif, jpg), Flash and Video ads formats. Ad sizes should not exceed 50 KB for the initial load.

All Ads - Requirements

Flash Ads - Requirements

If we are going to serve your Flash files, please make sure they are clickTAG enabled. You can see Google's explanation of this here. Or see Adobe's rich media tracking designer's guide for details. If you are impatient for some action script code, we think the following should be sufficient.

Flash Ad Tracking Code:

	on (release) {
		if (_root.clickTag.substr(0, 5) == "http:") {
			getURL(_root.clickTag, "_blank");
		} else if(_root.clickTAG.substr(0,5) == "http:") {
			getURL(_root.clickTAG, "_blank");