Email Specs

We offer our clients the ability to send useful, respectful emails to our community on a limited basis.

Please follow this guidance when designing emails:

  • Design for mobile and target a max-width of 600 pixels for desktop.
  • Keep the HTML simple. Use old school tactics like clear gifs and tables.
  • Validate your email with the W3C HTML Validation Tool before sending it to us.
  • Put all your CSS styles inline (if you don’t know what that means, then read this and you might like this inliner tool).
  • Leave the <head> portion of the HTML email empty. It should look like this: <head></head>.
  • Provide an additional text version of your email as this can reduce the likelihood of triggering spam filters.
  • QA test your email in MS Outlook, GMail and Mozilla Thunderbird (use a tool like Litmus for real testing)
  • QA test your email on both Android and iOS devices.