Microsite Specs

Microsites are part of our Premium Directory Listing + Microsite packages. This product includes a single page microsite that is wrapped in the CMSWire branding.

Please follow this guidance for microsite production:

  • Deliver a single HTML file with CSS in the head
  • Wrap your microsite content in a <div id=”fp”>[CONTENT HERE]</div> block
  • Then prefix all CSS rules with ‘#fp ‘, so that you override the any inherited rules.
  • Example: #fp h1 {font-size: 28px;}
  • Content width should be a maximum of 970 pixels wide, and you should use the bootstrap grid if you want the content to be responsive.
  • Content length is unlimited
  • Include all image assets in a local folder called ‘images’
  • jQuery is available in the page using the ‘jQ’ prefix.