Our CMSWire CONNECT conference gathers the world’s top customer experience and customer service professionals.


The CMSWire CONNECT conference is the premier customer experience and customer service conference in North America. The event is produced by SMG, the publisher of CMSWire.com, and serves as the primary gathering point for the influential CMSWire community.

During this 3-day conference CMSWire CONNECT attendees have the unique opportunity to see inside the world’s best customer experience and customer service teams, and explore the processes, platforms and practices that fuel the top performers.

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Digital transformation is sweeping across all industries. Pressure to achieve high ROI from customer experience investments is part everyone’s present reality, as is the need to rapidly ingest, align and leverage a host of new digital tools and agile practices.

Our CMSWire CONNECT conference is designed from the ground up to serve the needs of enterprise professionals tasked with defining, building and evolving their organization’s next generation customer journeys and customer touch points. The conference audience consists of North American professionals from medium to larger enterprises, typically holding senior positions in their organizations and reporting under the CMO, the Chief Customer Officer or the Head of Customer Service.


We offer a wide array of CMSWire CONNECT sponsorship opportunities that will both help position your company as a leader in the customer experience market and connect you in a highly interactive fashion with end users currently engaged in customer experience, digital experience and customer service-oriented projects.

Our upper tier of sponsorship options come with strong pre-conference exposure to the CMSWire audience, along with a highly visible on-site presence, including options to participate in the conference agenda. All sponsorships offer ample opportunity to network and engage with qualified attendees at the event.

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