Terms of Use

This statement covers all Simpler Media Group, Inc. (“SMG”) Websites (“SMG Sites”) and associated content, including email and Web (RSS) feeds. Use of SMG Sites demonstrates your agreement to abide by these Terms.

Use of Content

SMG provides the following CMSWire RSS feed for use: http://feeds.feedburner.com/CMSWire. The content served under this feed and on any SMG Site is copyright protectected with all rights reserved. It must not be modified, including editing or removal of ads.

You are welcome to include the content of the CMSWire RSS feed in other, appropriate contexts provided that you adhere to the terms of use as defined here.

Web Syndication Terms of Use

  1. The Site logo and URL must appear prominently at the top of each page displaying site content.
  2. Internal links in the Site content must not be removed.
  3. The format or branding of the headlines, text and other information provided in the RSS feeds must not be modified.
  4. “Read full story…” links back to original Site at the end of each content item must be included on content pages and may not be removed.

Print Syndication Terms of Use

  1. The Site logo and URL must appear prominently at the top of each section displaying site content.
  2. Content will appear unedited, except for replacement of hyperlinks with full URLs and use of product manufacturer’s site links where appropriate.
  3. Images from a Site must not be used in print without you obtaining the appropriate copyright clearances yourself.

General Terms of Use

  1. The RSS feeds may not be spliced into or otherwise redistributed by third-party RSS providers.
  2. No content, including any advertisements or other promotional content, shall be added to the RSS feeds.
  3. Images must be removed from open syndication feeds and commercial feeds (please contact SMG for more details)
  4. SMG reserves the right to object to presentation of RSS feeds and the right to require you to cease using the RSS feeds at any time.
  5. SMG reserves the right to terminate its distribution of the RSS feeds or change the content or formatting of the RSS feeds at any time, with or without notice provided.
  6. SMG provides this content “as is” and shall not be held liable for your use of the information or the feeds.
  7. Use of a Site’s content, including text and images, on your site, or in print, is at your discretion. SMG is not responsible for complaints regarding content or images that you choose to display on your site or in print.

Comments Terms of Use

To keep comments productive, please abide by these guidelines:

  • Maintain a sense of relevance to the article you are commenting on.
  • No threatening, harassing, defamatory, or libelous material.
  • No intentionally false or misleading statements.
  • No soliciting or entertaining of solicited offers.

SMG reserves the right to remove comments entirely at its discretion, including for alleged violations of terms of service or legal rights.

Corresponding with SMG

Any correspondence with SMG, including documentation or images, are considered property of SMG. SMG reserves the right to reproduce such correspondence, in whole or in part.

External Links

SMG Sites often contain links to external, third party websites. SMG does not guarantee, approve or endorse the information or products available at these sites, or vice-versa. Please direct concerns about external links to the webmaster.

Notification of Changes

Whenever SMG changes its Terms of Use, it will post that information where it considers appropriate to ensure users are aware.

User Privacy

We value your privacy and will efforts we deem appropriate in order to protect the information you disclose with us. SMG Sites reserve the right to disclose personal information if required by law, or in good faith to comply with existing legal processes served upon any of our Sites.

Contact Information

Simpler Media Group, Inc. contact information is here.