SMG Culture

The SMG team is fiercely proud of our positive, flexible, diverse, open-minded and agile culture. From recruitment to promotions culture, mission and core values are placed front and center for all decision making.

Our Mission

First and foremost we are a community-oriented company — we are here to serve our members. And specifically, we are deeply focused on delivering the knowledge and creating the networking opportunities that advance their careers. This is our north star.

Our Values

  • Diversity
  • Flexibility
  • Respect
  • Balance
  • Bionics
  • Evolution
  • Excellence
  • Serendipity

Flexible, Remote Work

Our organization is digitally native, distributed, diverse and virtual, and has been from its inception. We continue to embrace this approach to work and continue to hire the best fit talent regardless of where they are based.

Beyond location, we are an outcomes-focused organization. We set team goals and work to provide our people with the resources they need to achieve them. How they get there and during what hours of the day is not a management priority.

Half Day Fridays

In 2021 we created a new policy of Half Day Fridays. Our agreement across the organization is that as long as all teams achieve their quarterly goals, we’ll continue this policy indefinitely (it’s quite popular).


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) is a high priority across our organization, at every level.

Our operating policies include:

  • We will always hire the best candidate, but we will always work hard to have our team reflect the diversity of the communities in which we are based.
  • Unconscious bias is a real thing and we will continue to train our staff and actively work to eliminate the impact of unconscious bias.
  • DEI is always a work in progress and all ideas and feedback from our staff are always welcome. We provide an anonymous “digital feedback jar” for this purpose and take actions on ideas submitted quarterly.

Our active measures include:

  • Maintaining an active Diversity Council staffed by a range of team members from different levels of the organization, with action plans regularly brought to the executive leadership for resource allocation and support.
  • Maintaining an active Diversity Internship Program to help build a pipeline of more diverse job candidates.
  • All job postings are reviewed by multiple staff members with a goal of weeding out accidental bias.
  • All job postings are always posted to a range of high diversity cities and candidates are considered from across the nation and the world.
  • All hiring managers are required to participate in annual DEI training.