Research Services

The SMG INSIGHTS and Studio teams comprise the research arm of Simpler Media Group, the publisher of popular CMSWireReworked and VKTR digital publications.

We specialize in designing and conducting exemplary primary research, and producing compelling, reports, webinars and other derivative works.

The SMG team produces a set of core annual reports, market guides and reusable data sets. Additionally, we work with our clients to design and execute custom research projects, and produce a series of derivative thought leadership and content marketing assets. 

Recent Work

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The outputs from our proprietary services can integrate seamlessly with existing marketing programs including SMG Multi-Touch Content Syndication and Multi-Channel efforts. By accessing senior-level thought leaders and identifying industry trends, SMG’s Research and Content Studio can deliver keen insight into all facets of the Digital Experience, Digital Workplace and L&D domains.

Deliverables & Derivative Outputs

  • Key Findings + Full Research Reports
  • Buyer’s Guides & Market Guides
  • Sponsored Article Series
  • Research- or Article-Derivative eBooks & White Papers
  • Single Webinars & Webinar Series
  • Infographics & Data Visualization
  • Case Studies & Leadership Profiles
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Research Audience

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Research Consultations

Interested in exploring a project idea? Want our opinion on the market?

Please get in touch today to schedule a free consultation with our Head of Research and the appropriate CMSWire or Reworked editorial leadership. We are happy to share our perspective on the market and to provide a research proposal that aligns with your objectives and positioning trajectory.

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