Sheryl Hodge

Based in Massachusetts, Sheryl supports editorial operations across CMSWire and Reworked and keeps our publishing processes running smoothly.

Robin Flores

Based in Dallas, Robin cultivates relationships and leads conference experience for CONNECT delegates.

Jennifer Torres

Based in Indialantic, Fla., Jennifer is a journalist who covers customer experience for CMSWire.

Daria Goroshko

Based in Indonesia, Daria focuses on optimization of SMG’s online marketing campaigns, web analysis and webinars planning.

Michelle Hawley

Based in Pennsylvania, Michelle Hawley is senior editor and writer for CMSWire.

Susan Islam

Based in Texas, Susan applies her editing skills to create engaging video content for Simpler Media Group and assists in the development of strategic promotional partnerships.

Nadia Kozakova

Based in Ukraine, Nadia leads our quality assurance efforts across all of our sites, apps, and platforms.

Brenda Farias

Based in sunny Phoenix, AZ, Brenda creates organized beauty from unruly chaos, managing event, speaker, platform and client logistics.

Jordan Maloney

Based in Atlanta, Jordan cultivates client success in SMG’s midwest and east coast territories.

Jessica Chang

Based in Los Angeles, Jessica manages graphic design for SMG’s internal and client-driven research projects.

Nidhi Madhavan

Based in Chicago, Nidhi supports SMG’s research practice by producing both editorial and client-driven reports and communications.

Olivia Khligh

Based in Chicago, Olivia cultivates client success in SMG’s Western and APAC territories for our digital workplace business.

Andie Burjek

Based in Chicago, Andie creates editorial and client-driven research reports and communications for SMG.

Malik Drake

Based in Atlanta, Malik is focused on driving growth and engagement for SMG’s social media accounts.

Tim Walsh

Based in New Jersey, Tim cultivates client success in SMG’s conference sponsorship programs.

Andrew Zolotukhin

Based in Ukraine, Andrew is a senior software engineer and marketing technologist with more than 15 years of experience.

Alex Arefyeu

Based in Portugal, Alex focuses on the strategic and tactical creation, execution and optimization of SMG’s online marketing campaigns.

Aron Chorley

Based in the UK, Aron assists SMG’s Field Marketing team with all around event marketing efforts and creative requirements.

Lyndsay Del Bello

Based in Cleveland, Lyndsay leads SMG’s field marketing efforts and drives the commercial success of our events products.

Holden Madison

Based in Alexandria, VA, Holden cultivates client success in SMG’s East and Midwest territories.

Elijah Bacerra

Based in Chicago, Elijah supports SMG’s client-driven performance marketing programs.

Ashley OBryan

Based in Budapest, Ashley oversees SMG’s conference sponsorship programs and client success.

Anastasia Palonik

Based in Poland, Anastasia focuses on the flawless execution of SMG’s performance marketing campaigns.

Grace Ricafranca

Based in Manila, Grace oversees SMG’s data quality processes and campaign workflows.

Jackie Wildermuth

Based in Chicago, Jackie cultivates client success in SMG’s Western and APAC territories.

Tim Harnett

Based in Vancouver, Canada, Tim leads the production of SMG’s internal reports and client-driven content projects.

Sarah Kimmel

Based in Chicago, Sarah leads SMG’s internal and client-driven research practice.

Daniella Weinberg

Based in New Jersey, Daniella focuses on client success for a select set of SMG accounts.

Seamus McAteer

Based in San Francisco, Seamus serves as a strategic advisor to SMG’s CEO.

Alec O’Dell

Based in Chicago, Alec applies his production wizardry towards SMG’s outstanding digital event operations.

Michelle Egner

Based in Chicago, Michelle leads SMG’s events business, creating a new generation of hybrid physical, digital experiences.

April Owens

Based in Kansas City, April keeps SMG’s operational and financial ducks in a row.

Derek Graham

Based in Newport Beach, Calif., Derek oversees SMG’s Western and APAC sales territories.

Renata Sandor

Based in Zurich, Switzerland, Renata oversees SMG’s client-driven performance marketing programs.

Rich Hein

From the beach in Florida, Rich leads CMSWire editorial strategy and operations.

Sarah Lebel

Based in Atlanta, Sarah owns SMG’s member experience and the related digital infrastructure.

David Roe

Based in Paris, France, David covers a broad range of Digital Workplace and Information Management topics for SMG.

Kathryn Woodworth

Based in San Francisco, Kathryn leads the success of SMG’s research, webinars and related programs.

Dylan Wright

Based in Chicago, Dylan oversees SMG’s day-to-day operations, marketing and creative efforts.

Andrew Macaulay

Based in Boston, Andrew leads SMG’s Sales team and owns our Eastern sales region, including EMEA.

Mike Duncan

Based in Virginia, Mike serves as SMG’s Chief Financial Officer and as advisor to the CEO.

Ann Dalsin, Esq.

Based in San Francisco, Ann serves as SMG’s corporate counsel and as advisor to the CEO.

Brice Dunwoodie

Based in San Francisco, Brice is focused on SMG’s growth, culture, content quality and member experience.

Siobhan Fagan

Based in New York City, Siobhan leads Reworked editorial content strategy and production and SMG’s modern workplace information services.

Natalie Jeday

Based in San Francisco, Natalie is SMG’s manager of visual wow and the one who makes us all look (so much) better.

Dom Nicastro

Based in Boston, Dom leads CMSWire’s daily publishing operations, including the CMSWire contributor program.