Production Policies

Production Timeline

All creative assets (banners, text, HTML, etc.) must be provided to SMG’s operations team at least 2 full business days in advance of the campaign or tactic go-live date.

Ad Media Formats

We accept Image (png, gif, jpg), Flash and Video ads formats. Ad sizes should not exceed 50KB for the initial load.

All Ads — Requirements

  • Link Targets: Please target new windows on click
  • CPU Consumption: Do NOT exceed 25% CPU use after initial creative load
  • Expanding: User-initiated on click/mouseover only. Include prominent stop/close buttons.
  • Audio: User-initiated on click only. Include prominent stop button(s)
  • Video: Automatic start allowed. Requires prominent stop/close button.
  • Looping: Flash ads should not loop excessively. 3-5 times is our limit.

Rich Media Click Tracking

If we are going to serve your HTML5 or Flash rich media ads, please make sure they are clickTAG enabled. Learn about clickTAG concepts and code on Wikipedia or here.