Banner & Text Advertising

All ad sales, aside from text ads are for CPM* purchases. See below for definiitions, conditions and payment methods.

Web Ad – 728×90Site-wide. Top of page.$45 CPM
Web Ad – 300×250Site-wide. First position, inline with main content.$45 CPM
Web Ad – 300×600Article and events pages. Right column. Above fold + fixed position.$45 CPM
Web Ad – 160×600Site-wide. Left column skyscraper, above fold.$45 CPM
Web Text Link (featured)Article text link (redirected). Sits under the article title in detail view.$9 CPC
Email Ad – 300×250Email. Medium rectangle. Bottom, center of main content. 4x per month. One month.$2000

* CPM stands for “cost per thousand impressions.” For example, to have your ad appear 100,000 times at a CPM of US$ 45 the price would be US$ 4,500 (100,000 impressions x $45 / 1000).